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I am Alexandra Morton. I moved to a remote archipelago in British Columbia, Canada to study whales in 1984. I raised my children in little Echo Bay, off-grid, no roads or stores. When salmon farms moved, my neighbours and I were told this would be good for us: jobs and pressure off the wild salmon. But very rapidly the whales I was studying left, we got toxic algae blooms, disease outbreaks, sea lice epidemics and our floathouses were displaced in favour of the fish pens. I published scientific papers on all this and more, traveled to Norway to meet the CEOs, turned my home into a research station and engaged in every government review of salmon farming. We lost our town, the school closed, there are 8 people left and 27 large Norwegian salmon feedlots. It was not until 2013, when a Norwegian pediatrician risked her career to warn women that farmed salmon is very high in toxins that collect in our bodies and release during pregnancy that I realized just how dangerous this industry is. These toxins are known to interfere with the development of our infant's brains, disrupting the connections between brain cells. By protecting yourself and your children, you also protect the whales, eagles and everything that depends on wild salmon. This blog was created to offer a simple explanation of what happens when you buy a piece of farmed salmon. Thank you


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