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Bob Buhler

You speak only of open pen farmed salmon which I also agree is detrimental to our wild stocks. With the population of the world, protein source is needed. I am in favour of contained source aquaculture. Will you differentiate between the two in your comments please. I appreciate the work that you do.

Terry Lawrence

Dear Minister LeBlanc,

Please do not be intimidated by the salmon farming business and continue to support research into the diseases farmed salmon are spreading into the wild salmonid stocks along the BC coast, in particular the heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) occurring in both wild and farmed salmon.

In accordance with the Prime Minister’s directive, all this publicly funded research must be made available to other researchers and the public in a timely manner. Proper funding and resources must be made available to the scientists conducting the research, and that funding should be derived from a tax on the farmed salmon that are creating these disease issues through their import of diseased Atlantic salmon eggs onto the Pacific coast.

Research in recent decades has shown that not only most of the coastal animals are dependent on wild salmon, but even the huge trees along the coastal streams depend in part on nitrogen implanted in the soil through decaying salmon bodies left by bears, wolves, coyotes, and smaller predators. The whole BC coastal ecosystem revolves around the mass return of salmon every fall. It is no secret that the returning salmon runs are getting much smaller, particularly the runs which have to swim past the diseased farm salmon in open net pens spewing their pathogens into the surrounding waters.

A final consideration is the danger of some of these pathogens mutating into a form that can infect humans, much as Bird Flu does. The crowded and diseased conditions of these poorly regulated open net farms lends itself to new forms of the diseases evolving with unknown repercussions. No new farms should be licensed, and any that close should not be allowed to re-open under new owners or management. This whole deadly business needs to be phased out as quickly as possible, while there is still some possibility of saving the wild salmonid stocks.


Terry Lawrence
6523 – 144th Street,
Surrey, BC. V3W 5R3
Phone: 604-594-0342
[email protected]

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